Decatur is looking at 85 percent growth in the next 15 years. Photo courtesy of Trulia

We know people are flocking to Fort Worth, but they’re starting to flock to the outskirts as well. By 2030, 10 of Fort Worth’s suburbs are predicted to grow at least 50 percent in population, with four topping 100-percent growth. has the report from Texas Christian University’s Center for Urban Studies, which says people are being enticed by the small-town charm, location next to a vibrant metro hub, highly rated schools, and quaint scenery of these areas. The proximity to major employers on the west side of Fort Worth, including defense contractor Lockheed Martin and the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, are also huge draws.

However Kyle Walker, the center’s director, points out that “massive development can disrupt that desired lifestyle, plus put pressure on existing semi-rural infrastructure, which can lead to issues such as traffic congestion and, in turn, longer commutes.”

But the hordes of folks moving to these ‘burbs don’t seem bothered. Below are the 10 areas and their projected growth rate in the next 15 years.

10. Westlake, 50.75 percent
9. New Fairview, 51.49 percent
8. Cresson, 58.68 percent
7. Decatur, 85.17 percent
6. Hudson Oaks, 86.63 percent
5. Springtown, 99.56 percent
4. Rhome, 111.82 percent
3. Newark, 124.26 percent
2. Reno, 128.19 percent
1. Aledo, 167.52 percent